About NSI

NSI is the leading professional Nail Brand in the industry developed by American Fred Slack.
Before focusing on nail products, Fred Slack III was an innovator and pioneer in the dental industry. He was in the forefront in the development of the first high impact crown and bridge materials, the first powder/liquid composite filling material, the first direct bonded orthodontic adhesives, and the first hybrid composite. He began working in NSI’s parent company in 1960, started by his father Fred Slack Jr., which at the time was developing and manufacturing dental products. He used his knowledge of dental technology, acquired at the University of Pennsylvania Dental Laboratory, and worked on the characteristics of acrylic polymer/monomer chemistry with DuPont, Rohm & Haas, and Imperial Chemical of UK, to name a few.
When his father retired in 1962 and moved to Florida, Fred purchased the company. Through his leadership, the company launched many new products in the dental field that would pave the way for nail enhancement technology. He developed the first fiberglass reinforced, tooth colored acrylic materials and the first liquid composite resin with a new composite resin monomer, which led to UV gel chemistry in the nail field.
In the early seventies, Fred saw the business potential of professional nail products using acrylic and UV gel technology and he accelerated his R&D work in the cosmetic nail industry. By 1978, he had developed the first EMA-based, color stable, powder and liquid system for nail technicians and began supplying private label nail products to the major players in the cosmetic nail market.
After approximately a decade of success as a private development manufacturer, Fred Slack, and his son, Rick Slack decided to take their business to the next level. They agreed to start their own branded company called Nail Systems, later renamed NSI, with their first product being Secrets; the industry’s first odor-free acrylic system. Fred has been behind every new product launch in NSI’s history and while his son has taken over as President, he is still very active in the company as the Director of R&D.

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